Gear Up Idaho

In addition to our regular program of education Clark Fork High School is a GEAR-UP Idaho site. GEAR-UP stands for GainingEarly Awareness and Readiness for Under-graduate Programs and is a state grant designed to significantly increase the number of low- income students who are prepared to enter and succeed in post-secondary education which includes apprenticeships, professional/ technical certification, associates degrees, and bachelors degrees. GEAR-UP 2 cohort group provides services starting in 7th grade through their first year in college.

Services for students focus on career exploration, college visits, financial literacy, personal strengths, academic rigor, and tutoring, counseling, and tuition scholarships for dual credit opportunities. We also provide services for parents and family members to promote the importance of higher education and to navigate through financial aid, scholarships, and the college application process.

Dawn Schatz is our GEAR-UP coordinator. She can be contacted at 255-7177 EXT4346