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Tardy Policy at Clark Fork Jr/Sr High School

One important purpose of education is to teach responsibility.  Students are expected to be in class when the bell rings.  Tardiness disrupts the educational process for all students.  A student must learn the importance of punctuality if he/she is to be successful in the business world.  Students who are not in class when the bell rings will be recorded as absent unless they bring a pass from the office and sign the sign-in sheet.  Teachers will not allow tardy students into class without a tardy slip issued by the office.  After the third unexcused tardy, students are assigned after school detention.  If a student has an excused tardy five times, they will be assigned after school detention as well.  Every tardy thereafter will result in an additional detention/suspension.   Time missed in class may be considered as a loss to the academic value and may be reflected in the academic grade.  Unexcused tardies may result in a “0” for the time missed.  Classroom teachers are responsible for disciplinary actions on the first and second tardies in their particular classes.  Students are required to cooperate with any rules teachers have concerning the first two (2) tardies.  Failure to comply with these rules will result in the students being referred to the administration.  The third tardy and any thereafter will be referred to administration (via a Discipline Referral Notice) for disciplinary action.  Tardy 1-2:  Classroom consequences.  Tardy 3+:  Referral to Administration for disciplinary action.  Such actions will involve one or more of the following:

•    Lunch detention.

•    In-school suspension, not to exceed two days.

•    Any other sanctions necessary to address the tardy problems.

*** Parents are strongly encouraged to support this policy with their children.

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