Scholarships = Free Money!

Scholarships don’t need to be repaid and come mostly from organizations and colleges. Scholarship searches are a lot of work and very time consuming, yet can be well worth the effort and stress. By taking an early look and discovering all the possibilities, it can offset lots of extra work later on and give you and your family a head start on reducing the cost of college.

Look particularly into scholarships that are automatically renewable or ones for which you can reapply each year. There are two types of scholarships: need and non-need based. Need-based scholarships are primarily about financial need. Non-need can be anything else: academic performance, hard work, character, community service, sports, field of study, special talents, etc.

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Local & State Scholarships

National Scholarships

Continuing Education Scholarships

Top 10 Scholarship Tips

  1. Apply only if you are eligible

  2. Follow all directions very carefully

  3. Complete application fully and thoughtfully

  4. Neatness counts!

  5. Don't go off topic

  6. Write a memorable essay

  7. Proofread carefully

  8. Meet all deadlines

  9. Review your applications with your parents to assure you haven't left anything out

  10. Keep a copy of your entire application package, and track your package if mailing to ensure it gets there on time.

Basic Application Needs

  1. High school transcript

  2. Standardized test scores

  3. Financial aid forms

  4. Parent's financial information including tax information

  5. One or more essays

  6. One or more letters of recommendation

  7. Resume

  8. Proof of scholarship eligibility (if needed)

  9. You may also need to prepare for an interview

  10. If you are competing for a talent-based scholarship, you may need to audition or submit a portfolio

Ask colleges if you will AUTOMATICALLY be considered for its scholarships

Where To Find Other Scholarships

Your Targeted Colleges

    • College website

    • College Financial Aid office

    • Financial Aid materials

    • College Admissions Office

    • College catalog

    • College departments

    • College coaches

High School Organizations

    • National Honor Society

    • Math Club

    • Language Club

    • Key Club

    • Educational associations

    • State Education Agency

Your Community

    • Your Counselor

    • Rotary Clubs

    • Lions, Elks, Eagles

    • Kiwanis

    • Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts

    • 4-H, FFA

    • Businesses and corporations

    • Libraries

    • Banks

    • Hospitals / other health facilities

    • Your neighborhood and town

    • Education associations

    • Realtor associations

    • Organizations related to your interests

    • Other local, regional, state, and national community groups and non-profits

National Scholarships

    • National Merit Scholarships

    • Gates Millennium Scholars

    • Intel Science Talent Search

    • Coca-Cola Scholars

    • Robert C. Byrd Honors Program

    • Lowes Scholarship

    • Burger King

    • GE Reagan

    • Best Buy Scholarship

    • Footlocker

    • Visine Vision Scholarship

    • Healthy Lifestyles

    • 1800 Wheelchair

    • Launch Your Dreams

    • Elk’s Most Valuable Student

    • Principals’ Scholarship

    • Financial Service Centers of America, Inc

Affiliated Organizations

    • You and your parents' employers

    • Your Grandparents’ employers

    • Religious organizations

    • Banks

    • Insurance companies

    • Realtor associations

    • Political parties

    • Unions

    • Organizations related to your interests

Beware of Potential Scams!

  • Fee required

  • Scholarship guaranteed

  • No work involved

  • No contact information

  • Website is low quality with pop ups

  • Pressure Tactics

  • No recent winners

  • Winning an unsolicited scholarship

Do Outside Scholarships Affect Your School Aid?

Possibly. Does it reduce your grants, school scholarships, loans? Does it affect my amateur status? Make sure you ask your target colleges this, so you have no surprises!