Scholarships = Free Money!

Scholarships don’t need to be repaid and come mostly from organizations and colleges. Scholarship searches are a lot of work and very time consuming, yet can be well worth the effort and stress. By taking an early look and discovering all the possibilities, it can offset lots of extra work later on and give you and your family a head start on reducing the cost of college.

 Look particularly into scholarships that are automatically renewable or ones for which you can reapply each year. There are two types of scholarships: need and non-need based. Need-based scholarships are primarily about financial need. Non-need can be anything else: academic performance, hard work, character, community service, sports, field of study, special talents, etc.

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Top 10 Scholarship Tips

Basic Application Needs

Ask colleges if you will AUTOMATICALLY be considered for its scholarships

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Your Targeted Colleges

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Beware of Potential Scams!

Do Outside Scholarships Affect Your School Aid?

Possibly. Does it reduce your grants, school scholarships, loans? Does it affect my amateur status? Make sure you ask your target colleges this, so you have no surprises!