National Scholarships

General Instructions

    • Each scholarship below has a link to either the application itself or the scholarship's website.

    • Note that any deadline dates could change from year to year, and we may not catch the change.

    • It is your responsibility to read all application instructions and deadlines and make sure you adhere to them. Otherwise you may be eliminated from the applicant pool.

    • Any applications that are incomplete or late will be eliminated from the applicant pool.

    • All applications must be downloaded and saved on a computer before you can fill it out. If you fill it out before doing this, then the application will not save with your information. If there is not a link to a common application scholarship, then updated scholarship applications are not available yet. Consult your counselor if you have more questions.

National Scholarships

Scholarships (by due date)

Any Time

  • Armed Forces and Public Safety Officer - For a student already born, or born after a military member or public officer is determined to be imprisoned or missing in action, or is killed or becomes totally and permanently disabled.

  • Disability Scholarships - A long list of scholarships for students with general, physical, intellectual, or learning disabilities or impairments, or chronic health conditions.

  • Army ROTC Scholarship - For a student interested in the Army.

  • Lgbtq Scholarships - For any WA, ID, OR, MT lgbtq ally students and can be awarded to any post-secondary school


    • Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship - 140-character message about texting while driving. The top 10 applications asked to write a full length essay about texting while driving. $1000.

    • October

    • Coca-Cola Scholars Program - For students demonstrating leadership, service and commitment while making a significant impact on their schools and communities. Due 10/31.

    • NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing - For high school females with an interest and aptitude in IT/Computing

    • LendEDU Scholarship - For students with a min gpa of 2.5. $2,500. Write a short essay.

    • November

    • Jack Kent Cooke - For achieving students with significant financial need. Up to $40,000 that can be applied to any 4 year college.

    • HFI - For students interested in helicopter piloting, maintenance, or safety. Numerous scholarships at the website.

    • WACE Co-op Scholarship - For students pursing a cooperative education at one of 10 specific universities. Up to $25,000!

    • Prudential Spirit of Community Awards - For students who have made meaningful contributions to their communities through volunteer service in the past year.

    • Youth Volunteer Scholarship - For students who have completed 50 hours of volunteer service in the last 2 years. Min GPA 3.5. $500

    • Good360 Scholarship - For students with an interest in environmentalism or sustainability. Min GPA 3.3. $1000





    • E-waste Scholarship - Required to write a statement about electronic waste. $1500.

    • Pelican Water Scholarships - Requires essay the negative environmental and social impacts of single use bottled water. Min 3.5 GPA. Requires letter of recommendation.

    • May

    • B. Davis Scholarship - For high school juniors and seniors. Requires essay on leadership characteristics. $1000.

    • Source Supply College Scholarship - For students who believe in the importance of keeping the environment clean. Requires an essay. $1000. Due 5/31.

    • Rentacomputer Scholarship - For students planning to attend a college/university within 12 months. Requires essay about academic and career goals. $2000.

    • ​Alert Magazine Winning Essay Scholarship - $500 college scholarship to the writer of the best drug and/or alcohol abuse-related essay for that state/region".

    • Impacted by Crime Scholarship - For children of an inmate (either presently or or formerly) or a victim of a crime. Min gpa 2.5 (can explain a lower gpa).

    • Racine Olson Injury Scholarship - For Idaho, Washington, Oregon seniors who were either a victim of personal injury accident or have parents or guardians who were victims of a personal injury accident. Min gpa 3.5. $500.


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