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Welcome to Clark Fork Jr./Sr. High School!

Welcome to the start of the 2nd semester. The year seems to be flying by. In review of final grades from 1st semester, students have worked harder than ever before. Great job Wampus Cats! While saying this, there is always room for improvement. Students, moving forward, I would like to see each of you set some goals to finish the year strong. Reach out to your teachers for support when you need it. Some of you need to make some goals around attendance as well. Make 2nd semester courses a priority.


Clark Fork athletics is having a strong winter season. Our Junior High team numbers are strong and we have seen a lot of growth. We plan on sending our two high school teams south for state play-in games this year. The girls will be going to McCall and the boys to Cascade. Wish them luck and continue to show your support and good sportsmanship!


Seniors, it’s time to really get organized as the last semester is going to be crazy. Keep up on your classes, get your scholarship applications completed, graduation announcements out, etc. For some of you, there will be awards banquets. Stay on top of everything and don’t allow yourselves to get behind and stressed. Everyone is expecting big things out of you! Above all, have fun and enjoy your last semester.

Families, please help us with our focus on attendance and ensuring that students are regularly attending school. There is also a great learning resource called Khanmigo that can help kids learn content. It requires parents to set up an account however. Check it out! I have heard amazing feedback from people who have used it. If you are interested and need help signing up, reach out to us.

If you have any questions about anything, please stop by or give me a call at any time. I love being part of this community and am proud to represent this school.


Sincerely, Phil Kemink


District Title 9 Coordinator: Casey Mclaughlin